Who we are

Established in 1990, Billboards on Wheels has been a leader in Outdoor Mobile advertising on Long Island and New York for over 25 years. We specialize on Long Island but also offer services throughout the Tri-State and New England areas.

Our skilled marketing & advertisement team is on hand to put together a comprehensive campaign that meets’s all our customers’ specific goals. Spend your marketing & advertising dollars wisely with continuous ad time!

The reason outdoor mobile Marketing & advertising works and why it is different than traditional advertising because unlike radio, TV, or print ads, they can’t change the station, fast forward us or throw us away.


With our in-your-face mobile advertising approach, our clients have had huge success with their marketing campaigns. Billboards on Wheels advertising target your market in the exact locations to bring you more business. Unlike all other forms of advertising & marketing, such as radio, print, or TV they cannot turn the page or change the channel. This put’s your business right in front of them bringing a competitive edge to your marketing and advertising style.


A target market is your exact audience. Usually your the marketing and advertising you’re doing is to target an audience within a 10 to 15 mile radius of your business location. This may vary from business to business but is most times the standard. We will design optimized truck routes for your location ensuring you will get the most impact from your advertisement. Target marketing is one of the strongest forms of advertising. Being infront of your potential clientele consistently plants the seed and reafirms your brand for current and future business opportunities with your marketed audience.