Artworks Requirements

Dimensions are:10′ X 22′ (120″ H X 264″ W)
Vector Files preferred – .pdf, .eps .ai
we can also take .jpg, .tiff and .psd files
if they meet following conditions:
raster files can be created at 1′ = 1′ @ 300 dpi
(10″ x 22″ @ 300 dpi or 3000 x 6600 pixels
below is a list of accepted file types in preferred order for speed of processing:
1. adobe Photoshop (mac or pc)
2. adobe illustrator (mac or pc)
3. adobe InDesign (mac or pc)
4. quark (mac or pc)

Artworks Diagram

please contact us for current rates

call in for quote…
rates are based on location, travel, tolls
631-580-7772 ext 101


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